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Level Sensor

Here, we offer a Level Sensor that keeps track of the temperature inside and outside and activates the heater, air conditioner, or windows as necessary to maintain a pleasant temperature. An accelerometer sensor measures the acceleration of a person or object in its immediate rest frame. Apart from this, our provided Level Sensor is now available in a few ranges like Ultrasonic sensor, RLI-G Radar Level sensor, Non-Contact Radar Level sensor, and Universal level sensor. Mobile phones, wearable technology, and other electrical gadgets all contain this sensor. It is incredibly simple to use and install. This is very economical to utilize.
Product Image (UCL510)

Ultrasonic sensor

UCL-510 Ultrasonic Continuous Level Transmitter is a non-contact level sensor with no-moving-parts built for general purpose small tank applications 49.2" (1250 mm) or less and offers switch, controller and transmitter capabilities in one multi-function transmitter. It is suited for corrosive and dirty applications, is virtually maintenance free and reduces tank system hardware. 49-Inch (1245 mm) Range 1" NPT Mounting Non-Contact for Corrosive, Sticky or Dirty Media Provides Full Pump or Valve Control

Product Image (RLI-G radar level sensor)

RLI-G Radar Level sensor

RLI-G Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor is a no-moving parts continuous level sensor with advanced radar level sensing technology for reliable performance in challenging marine and industrial tank level applications. The RLI-G Series Guided Wave Radar comes standard with 4-20 mA and HART output as well as an LCD display module and multiple sensing probe and mounting options. These flexible guided wave radar sensors self-configure to medial dielectric constant and include and LCD display module and plug-in module to assist in programming and displaying measured values in numerical and bar graph form. Available with multiple sensing probe and mounting options, the RLI-G Guided Wave Radar level sensors can be incorporated into a vast range of applications. Measuring range up to 24m (80 feet) Accuracy: +/- 5mm (0.2 inch) Measurement independent of temperature pressure & density variations Product options to sense dielectrics as low as 1.4 4-20 mA + HART Output Segmented options for single rod and coaxial designs

Product Image (RLI-80)

Non Contact Radar Level sensor

The RLI-80 Non-Contact Radar Level Sensor is a no-moving parts continuous level transmitter for reliable performance in challenging OEM and industrial tank level applications. RLI-80 Non-Contact Radar comes standard with 4-20 mA, Modbus, & Bluetooth connectivity for configuration and setup. The RLI-80 provides accurate level measurement in medias with a dielectric constant of 2 or greater. Constructed of chemically inert PVDF material and designed to withstand IP67 conditions, RLI-80 Non-Contact Radar Sensor withstands the harshest conditions. The 2" NPT mounting provides adaptability to be used in tanks as large as 49 ft (15m), and as small as 1 ft (0.3m). RLI-80 is unaffected by changes in physical properties of the application such as pressure, temperature, or vapors.

Product Image (ULs-100)

Universal level sensor

Benefits of the Universal Level Sensor: Simplified Product Selection one sensor technology. No moving parts solid state electronics Rugged construction able to withstand the harshest environments wherever it is mounted Communications ability to communicate with the sensor on your bus network Diagnostic electronics the sensors health status can be read Competitively priced