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Applications & Business area

  • In POY/PFY plant, they are utilized for Chips Conveying Automation.
  • Data Acquiring solutions for several Environment Chambers.
  • Ethylene oxide sterilization control and data logging.
  • They are widely utilized by Heavy spun Pipe manufacturer for Hydro Test Solution. Besides, the manufactured pipes are generally used for gas, oil and water supply systems.
  • They can also be used for controlling and data capturing in metallurgical applications.
  • Slave/Master profile control
  • These can be utilized in Production data for estimating the statistical performance of shop floor and machine productiveness.
  • They can be used in medicine stability chambers for controlling temperature and data acquisition for several pharmaceutical applications.
  • In sensors calibration application, they can used for report generation and temperature bath control.
  • They can also used for researching and studying the specialized furnace applications.
  • Our speciality is customized and versatile software.
  • These are also utilized by heavy spun pipe manufacturer for monitoring welding parameters.
  • Further, they are also used by tyre manufacturer for wobble test system.

"Mifa Systems now represents Internationally reputed Process Control majors like:"
  • Toho Electronics, Japan
  • Keba AG, Austria
  • Yaskawa Electric
  • Rkc Instrument Inc., Japan
  • Mb Connectline GmbH, Germany
  • Wedgewood Analytical Inc., USA
  • Metrohm India
  • Gems Sensors & Controls, USA & UK.

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