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Servo Drive Motors
Commonly applicable in the field of Camera focus, Automation, Robotics, and Conveyor belt system, Servo Drive Motors come with independent or synchronized motion control. Applicative to power electric, these can monitor the feedback indication.
Process Controllers
Process Controllers are useful to design, troubleshoot, test and supervise implementation of different processes. These are often accountable for making or continuing automation procedures. These are also useful for chemical or mechanical industries.
Operator Panels
Operator Panels are delivered in numerous sizes mainly for size-sensitive factory locale. These panels are dependable, hard-wearing, and perfect for faster as well as lower-cost HMI applications that require controlling, monitoring, and exhibiting info in dynamic conducts.
Analytical Instruments
Analytical Instruments are widely utilized for investigatory applications in food-processing laboratories, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil refineries, clinical and other sectors. These are acquired for their precise measurement and optimum performance.
Programmable Logic Controller
Programmable Logic Controllers are exceptionally flexible as well as stout control solutions, which can run to almost all applications. These assist the technology based on market response as well as industry developments.
Servo Amplifier
Servo Amplifiers are the special electronic amplifiers applicable to power electric servomechanisms. These monitor the pointer signal from the servomechanism and frequently regulate for deviation from predictable performance.
Injection Moulding Controller
Injection Molding Controllers are used in the plastic injection molding trade. These control units are active to preheat the mold and do insure precise temperature control for enhanced quality, efficient parts and increased cycle times.
Digital PH Meter
A Digital PH Meter is noted as a scientific instrument that can measure the hydrogen-ion activity in water-based resolutions, by showing its acidity as well as alkalinity. It takes benefit of this and suffices like a voltmeter by measuring the voltage made by the solution.
Ph Electrode
Ph Electrode measures pH by computing the voltage or potential variance of the solution in which it is immersed. It can analyze the potential difference and provides the connection between Hydrogen ion concentration as well as Voltage or Potential.
Pressure Transducers
Pressure Transducers are extensively used for changing pressure into analog electrical signal. These are ideal for laboratories and industrial applications. The said devices are known for their accurate measurement and high efficiency.
Temperature Recorder
Temperature Recorders are the portable measurement instruments which are capable of independently recording temperature over a well-defined period of time. The digital data with these devices can be retrieved, viewed and assessed with simplicity.
Preset Counter
Preset Counter is best suitable for testing and measuring applications in pharmaceutical, textile, chemical and automobile industries. It is accustomed with digital display along with back light and compact structure.  

pH Testers
We are providing pH Testers, which render a value as to how acidic as well as alkaline a fluid is. These can efficiently measure the concentration of hydrogen ions. Offered with accuracy in precision in their testing operations, these are totally efficient.
Programmable Controller
Programmable Controller is extensively used in civil applications such as controlling traffic signal as well as elevators. It is also applicable for monitoring building systems and controlling production processes.
Human Machine Interface
Human Machine Interface is highly acquired in food and pharmaceutical industries for monitoring purpose. It is also suitable for mining, oil & gas operations for managing remotely from control room.
Power Controllers
Phase Angle Power Controller is considered to be a power limiting device that find its applications in industrial machines, electrical appliances, process equipments and more. It is easy to install and provides maximum longevity.
ORP Electrodes
ORP Electrodes are the popular water quality strictures that are normally measured as the power between a platinum measuring electrode as well as a reference electrode. These measure very small voltages produced with a probe positioned in ozonated water.
Pressure Switches
Pressure Switches are installed in processing systems and industrial storage tanks. These are highly demanded by the clients for their high temperature and extreme weather condition bearing capabilities.
Solenoid Valves
Solenoid Valves are widely used in industrial piping systems for regulating the flow of fluid. These are ideal for pneumatic systems, larger vales and many other home washing machines.
Level Sensors
Level Sensors are designed for monitoring the level of fluid or solid inside a large industrial container. These are used in pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical, food & beverage industries.
Industrial Router
Industrial Router is appreciated for its smart, metering, street lighting, environment monitoring, asset tracking etc. This device has high performance efficiency, longer functional life, easy installation and simple operations.
Hot Runner
Hot Runner find its application in plastic injection molds. This system includes several heated nozzles and heated manifold. It assures longer service life, easy utilization, optimum performance, smooth functioning and more.
Data Loggers
Data Loggers are designed with touch screen interface and widely used for recording data. These are also suitable for road traffic counting, environmental monitoring, vehicle testing and many other.
Electric Modicon Momentum
Electric Modicon Momentum is used in diverse industries for automatic functions & controls of processing systems. It is efficient in managing power supplies, ensuring user-friendly nature and machine safety.
Air Particle Counter
Air Particle Counter is very effective and great to use. A clean room requires the use of an aerosol particle meter, therefore choosing the right monitoring gear is crucial for keeping track of the present environmental conditions. This requires very low maintenance costs.
Level sensor
Level sensor measures the acceleration of a person or object in its immediate rest frame. This is very economical to utilize. The radiation exposure of each worker is monitored personally. This is also affordable, safe, and incredibly effective.